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In Berlin, they noticed armored vehicles and water cannons before the protests

Armored vehicles and water cannons arrived on the streets of Berlin before a protest against the measures taken by the authorities as part of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Police cars were captured on video, it was published by the telegram channel “Military observer”. The footage shows two armored vehicles and one […]

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Mexican drug cartels armed with drones with explosives

Mexico’s drug-trafficking cartels have in recent months adopted a new way to attack their enemies — they have begun using unmanned aerial vehicles loaded with explosives. The Drive drew attention to this on August 28. It is reported that the people’s self-defense units found more than two dozen drones with explosives in the car of […]

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The US has noticed an increase in Russia’s military activity

The US has noticed an increase in Russian military activity in the area of Alaska and other regions. This was stated by Secretary of state Mike Pompeo in an interview with WMAL-FM radio, TASS reports. “The situation is such that we see increased Russian activity both in the region of Alaska and in other parts […]

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Trump was considered submissive to Russia

The presidential candidate of the democratic party of the United States Joe Biden found his opponent and the current President of Donald trump “humble” in relations with the Russian leadership. This is reported by RIA Novosti. “We have seen reports that Russian forces attacked American soldiers in Syria and injured our soldiers. Have you even […]

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Trump’s chances of winning the election have increased

The chances of us President Donald trump winning the upcoming presidential election have increased — the popularity rating of his rival from the Democratic party, Joseph Biden, is declining. This is stated in a survey by the company of the authoritative American sociologist John Zogby — John Zogby Strategies. As follows from the data, 48 […]

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Trump has shared his success in the fight against COVID-19

Us President Donald trump shared his success in the fight against the coronavirus. So, according to him, the incidence of COVID-19 in August decreased by 38 percent compared to July. He said this during a press conference at the White house, reports TASS. In addition, the American leader spoke about the beginning of the third […]