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Trump’s chances of winning the election have increased

The chances of us President Donald trump winning the upcoming presidential election have increased — the popularity rating of his rival from the Democratic party, Joseph Biden, is declining. This is stated in a survey by the company of the authoritative American sociologist John Zogby — John Zogby Strategies.

As follows from the data, 48 percent of American voters are now ready to vote for Biden, and 42 percent are ready to vote for trump. At the same time, another 10 percent of citizens said that they have not yet decided on a choice.

At the same time, in July, the results of a similar sociological study by John Zogby Strategies indicated that Biden’s margin of victory over trump was 13 percentage points. Thus, based on the results of the survey, this advantage has been reduced by more than half. Zogby points out that a lead of six percentage points is not enough to guarantee victory in the election.

It also turned out that, according to 43 percent of voters, the current President trump will secure re-election to a second term in November. Biden’s victory is predicted by 40 percent of Americans.

In addition, the conclusions about the current level of support for Biden among the black part of the population of the United States should cause alarm for the democratic candidate. According to the survey, 75 percent of blacks are ready to vote for Biden, and 20 percent for trump. However, the Democrat needs support at the level of 90 percent.