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Mexican drug cartels armed with drones with explosives

Mexico’s drug-trafficking cartels have in recent months adopted a new way to attack their enemies — they have begun using unmanned aerial vehicles loaded with explosives. The Drive drew attention to this on August 28.

It is reported that the people’s self-defense units found more than two dozen drones with explosives in the car of members of one of the cartels-professional killers, who in Latin America are called the word “Sicario”. Explosive devices filled with iron balls as striking elements were attached to the quadrocopters with adhesive tape.

According to the newspaper, the criminals who owned these devices work for the so-called Jalisco new generation cartel: it is one of the fastest growing criminal groups in the country. Its members are responsible for about a third of all drugs transported from Mexico to the United States. The cartel’s fighters have various types of heavy weapons: earlier this year, it was reported that they use a military armored vehicle for their operations, among other things.

The publication notes that drones with explosives are becoming an increasingly popular weapon among non-governmental paramilitary groups. In August last year, they were used to try to kill Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.