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Trump was considered submissive to Russia

The presidential candidate of the democratic party of the United States Joe Biden found his opponent and the current President of Donald trump “humble” in relations with the Russian leadership. This is reported by RIA Novosti.

“We have seen reports that Russian forces attacked American soldiers in Syria and injured our soldiers. Have you even heard a word from trump? Did he even lift a finger?” — Biden said. He added that no US President has played such a submissive role in relations with Russian leaders, and called it “not only dangerous, but also humiliating.”

Biden also accused trump of not discussing with Russian President Vladimir Putin the topic of Russian military intelligence allegedly offering rewards to terrorist-linked militants for attacks on American soldiers in Afghanistan.

Earlier, Biden accused intelligence briefings to Congress of trying to hide information about his ties to Russia. According to him, the current head of state hopes that Russian President Vladimir Putin will help him get re-elected for another term. Biden is confident that Putin will hide trump’s terrible failures to lead the US out of numerous crises