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In Berlin, they noticed armored vehicles and water cannons before the protests

Armored vehicles and water cannons arrived on the streets of Berlin before a protest against the measures taken by the authorities as part of the fight against the spread of the coronavirus. Police cars were captured on video, it was published by the telegram channel “Military observer”.

The footage shows two armored vehicles and one water cannon, which, according to the channel, are ready to escalate the protests. Police are on duty near the equipment.

It is not specified when the video was taken.

The rallies in Berlin began on August 29. According to some reports, about 38 thousand people gathered in the city center, which is one of the largest actions of this kind in the last few years. About 300 demonstrators were detained for violating public order.

On the same day, at the Russian Embassy in Germany, there were clashes between protesters and police officers. The representative of law enforcement agencies clarified that the actions of the protesters were not directed at the Russian diplomatic mission and the incident had no political motives.

The protest was organized by the Querdenken 711 movement. Participants believe that the authorities restricted their freedom, they demand to cancel anticorrosiveness measures.