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The US has warned Russia to influence Belarus

Russia is obliged not to violate the sovereignty of Belarus against the background of the crisis in the Republic. White house spokeswoman Kayleigh Mcanany warned about this, Interfax reports.

On behalf of the United States, it supported an international review of presidential election abuses and subsequent human rights violations. “Russia must also respect the sovereignty of Belarus and the right of its people to freely and honestly choose their leaders,” Mcenany added.

Concern about the election of the Belarusian President of the United States was expressed the day after the vote, on August 10. Secretary of state Mike Pompeo then pointed to severe restrictions on the admission of candidates, banning local independent observers from polling stations, intimidating opposition candidates, and detaining protesters and journalists.

Since August 9, mass protests have been taking place in Belarus over the official results of the presidential election, according to which the current head of state Alexander Lukashenko won 80 percent, and the opposition candidate Svetlana Tikhanovskaya-10 percent.

The EU and NATO countries are actively reacting to the events in Belarus. Thus, the foreign Ministers of eight European countries called on the Belarusian authorities to immediately enter into a dialogue with the opposition. Europe also believes that the procedure of the Belarusian elections did not meet international standards of democracy and the rule of law. The EU has already started working on sanctions against the Belarusian authorities.